2017 Wyandotte Street Art Fair


Wyandotte Street Art Fair Food Vendors 2017

Jay Ray's BBQ - Overall Delicious BBQ Food and Smoked Mac N Cheese

F1 - Crepe Day Twah - Banana Nutella Crepe, Caramel Apple Crepe, Turkey Pesto Crepe, Caprese Crepe(Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil), Breakfast Crepe (Sausage, Egg & Cheese), Beverages

F3 - Island Noodles Michigan: - Island Noodles - Vegan. Island Noodles with Teriyaki Chicken. Island tea - Strawberry, Pineapple, or Orange

F4 - Wyandotte Athletic Association: - Elephant Ears, Corn Dogs, Pop, Water

F5 - Brass Kitchen, LLC: - Porchetta Sandwich - with verde, arugula, and caramelized onion. Pastrami - with gruyere, mustard slaw, and dill pickle. Fried Mozzarella - with white bean puree, slow roasted tomato, caesar aioli, and greens. Marinated Vegetable Salad, Pickled String Bean, and Early Girl Tomato Salad, Bottled Water, and Canned soda

F6 - Old World Almonds: - Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Cashews, and Pecans. Salted Cashews

F7 - Huron Food Service: - Strudel - apple, cherry, or cheese. Fruit Shakes, Lemon Slush, Water

F8 - K&M Concessions, LLC: - Fried Veggies, Fried Pickles, Fried Mozzarella Cheese, Blooming Onion, Fountain Soda, Bottled Water

F9 - Old Texas Soda: - Soda: Root Beer, Birch Beer, Diet Root Beer, Cherry, Grape, and Orange

F10 - Mr. G's Concessions: - Stuffed Pizza, Personal Size Pizza, Pop, Bottled Water

F11 - CIA (Cheesesteak Institute of America): - Cheeseteak - steak or chicken. Waffle Fries, Soda, Water

F12 - Different Twist Pretzel Bakery: - Original Salted, Cinnamon Sugar, Garlic Parmesan, Toasted Almond Crunch, Pepperoni Pretzel, Mozzarella Cheese Pretzel, Pretzel Pepperoni Roll, Pretzel Dog, Soft Drinks

F13 - Happy Iceman, Inc: - Hawaiian Shaved Ice - 40 Premium Flavors, Bottled Water

F14 - Blount Enterprises, LLC: - Polish or Italian Sausage, Chicken Pita, Hamburger or Cheeseburger, Hot Dog, Corn Dog, French Fries, Soft Drinks, Bottled Water

F15 - Mathewson's Concessions, Inc: - Butterfly Chips, Pop, Water

F16 - Paradise Concessions, LLC: - Funnel Cakes, Hand Dipped Corndogs, Deer Fried Oreo's, Soda, Bottled Water

F17 - Kola's Kitchen: - Smoked or Fresh Kielbasa (plain or kraut) on Brioche Roll. Potato and Farmers Cheese Pierogi (sour cream), Potato Pancakes (sour cream or apple sauce), Stuffed Cabbage (pork and beef in tomato sauce), City Chicken (pork and veal on a stick). Polish Combo #1: (Potato Pancake, Fresh and Smoked Kielbasa, Kraut, and Stuffed Cabbage). Polish Combo #2: (Pierogi, Potato Pancake, Fresh and Smoked Kielbasa, Kraut, Stuffed Cabbage, City Chicken, Pulled Pork and Slaw on Brioche Bun, Pulled Pork Parfait in a Cup, Black Beans, Smoked Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Slow Smoked Rib Tips Boat Load, Slow Smoked Beef Brisket Plain or with Spicy peppers and Onions on a Brioche Roll, Slow Smoked and Sugar Cured Jumbo Turkey Leg). Fresh Made Kettle Potato Chips Plain - with sea salt, salt, pepper, or siracha sprinkles. Toppers - sour cream , cheddar cheese, or bacon bits. Fresh Made Curly Fries, Nachos Grande - Fresh Tortilla Chips, Seasoned Sirloin Beef and Chorizo Sausage, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Jalapenos on side. Nacho's with Pulled Pork, Nachos' with Smoked Brisket. Chicken on a Stick with 5 Spice Breading, Crispy Jumbo Pork Loin fried in 5 Spice Breading with Spicy Peppers and Onions, Mango Salsa in a Brioche Roll.  Lobster Taco - fried in brown butter, flour tortilla, with ancho chili cole slaw, avocado cilantro crema, and crumbled Mexican frisco cheese. Jumbo 5 to 1 Hotdog menu in Brioche Bun, Dearborn Grilled Hot Dog. Dearborn Hot Dog with Kraut or Spicy Peppers and Onions. Dearborn Hot Dog with Cheddar and bacon. Dearborn Hot Dog with Honey Dill Dijon Mustard and Mango Salsa. Canned Pop, Bottled Water, Root Beer by the Mug, Lemonade Slush, Fresh Strawberry and Chocolate Fondue.

F18 - Barnes concession: - Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Carmel Corn, Candy and Carmel Apples, Pepsi Products, Assorted Candy

F19 - Wyandotte Lion's Club: - Elephant Ears, Corn Dogs, Pop, Water

F20 - Nick's Concessions: - Authentic Greek Gyro's, Chicken Pita, Shish-Ka-Bob, Sausage, French Fries, Hot Dogs Greek Salad, Pop, Bottled Water

F21 - Barnes Concession: - Shaved Ice

F22 - Olympic Kitchen: - Greek Gyros, Olympic Grilled Chicken Breast Pita, Shish-Ka-Bob, Italian Sausage, Hot Dogs, French Fries, Soft Drinks, Pita, Chips, Bottled Water

F23 - Different Twist Pretzel Bakery: - Original Salted, Cinnamon Sugar, Garlic Parmesan, Toasted Almond Crunch, Pepperoni Pretzel, Mozzarella Cheese Pretzel, Pretzel Pepperoni Roll, Pretzel Dog, Soft Drinks

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